Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thrift Store Thursday: Laura's Neat Repeats (and my Geeky Phone)

(technically, I went on Tuesday, but "Thrift Store Thursday" has such a good ring to it!)
This upcoming Saturday, I will have a booth at a small craft show in front of "Laura's Neat Repeats" consignment shop in Middleport NY.  I had a rough idea of where it was, but I wanted to make sure, so I went and found it Tuesday so I know where I'm going on Saturday.

 I would have found the place just fine, even if I hadn't gone on Tuesday.  It is right next to the Drive-In theater we go to in the summer and has this nice yellow sign out front!

I just went to check out the place.  I hadn't planned on buying anything, but this grey and navy top caught my was cute and actually my size!  (cute, non-frumpy, well fitting plus sizes are the holy grail of thrift store shopping for us big girls!) It's quite comfy and soft too.  I got it for only $8...a little "high" for my normal uber-frugal thrift store standards (considering at my regular thrift store in Medina, most things are only a dollar), but it is a consignment shop, not a thrift store.  Plus I know I'll be wearing it all the time anyway, so it's worth it!  The neckline is a smidge too low for my personal sense of modesty, so I'll probably wear a cami under it on a typical day.

 Oh yeah...and I got my replacement phone in the mail on Tuesday as well...and the camera's focus actually works! The reason I got my phone replaced was because the camera wouldn't focus anymore and only took super blurry the camera was basically useless. So now that my camera isn't useless, I've downloaded Instagram (since it's available for the Droid now!) and have been playing with it this week.  Hence my smiley, Instagram-y picture shown above.

And speaking of my phone...yes...that is my R2-D2 Droid2 in the second picture of me doing the typical taking-a-picture-in-the-bathroom-mirror.  Here's a better look...

Yes.  I have an R2-D2 phone.  It was a special edition of Droid2.  When we got it, it was $100 less than a regular Droid2.  Our theory of why it cost less is that Motorola overestimated the Star Wars fandom (if that's possible) and made too many of these.  I was pleasantly surprised they were actually able to replace my old R2-D2 phone with the another one!  (I totally expected them to just send me a regular Droid2).  I'm not a crazy, rabid Star Wars fan, but I am geeky enough to enjoy it.  Plus the little kids at church think I'm the coolest because I've got R2-D2 on my phone!...and it comes with R2-D2 ringtones, so I have it set so it does an R2 whistle when I get a text message.  ;)

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