Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bridal Shower "Bow-quet"

I went to my friend Kasey's bridal shower this past Saturday. And as one of her bridesmaids (and apparantly voted the craftiest bridesmaid), I was elected to make her "bow-quet" out of the bows that were on her gifts.

I'd never been to a bridal shower that's done this tradition before (unless someone just saved the bows and did it later). Apparantly someone make a bouquet out of all the bows from the bridal shower gifts and a paper plate, and then the bride is supposed to use this "bow-quet" during the wedding rehersal in place of her real bouquet.

Me working diligently to make the bow-quet while Kasey opens her gifts...

Group shot of the bridesmaids, bride, and flower girl. (I snatched this picture from her wedding blog) .
Speaking of crafty bouquets..go check out Princess Lasertron's blog. She makes awesome bouquets out of felt and buttons. And they look much better (and much more coordinated) than my makeshift bouquet out of bows!

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