Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Recycled Earth Day Nubbins

So...here's some Earth Day Nubbins that are made out of some more appropriate, repurposed materials, rather than store-bought fleece.

If you like them, let me know and I can make some more, but these particular Nubbins are already spoken for.

This green Nubbin is made out of inside-out sweatshirt material, with denim and green khaki material for the earth. I think the nubby green material makes it look like he's mossy.

Now, just to be clear I'm no eco-warrior or anything. "Going Green" is not my purpose in life. I'm not all about"honoring Mother Earth". I believe that the Earth is all going to pass away and burn up someday, and no amount of recycling is going to change that. This world is not my home and I look forward to a greater kingdom.
BUT I do believe in being a good steward and taking care what God has given us, not being wasteful, and appreciating and respecting His creation. Because His creation is beautiful...but I'm not going to worship it. I worship the Creator.

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