Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wedding Nubbins

These wedding Nubbins are going to my friend Melissa (yup...Melissa again!) and are going to be gifts for her ring bearer and flower girl.

Next time I make some Wedding Nubbins, I want to try to put a bow tie on the Groom Nubbin. There's nothing to really distinguish him as a groom...where the Bride Nubbin has a veil to distinguish her. But Melissa should be happy with these, since these are the specifications she gave me.

I realize I've been talking a lot about weddings lately...but that's because Melissa's is Saturday, and my friend Kasey's wedding is in June. I'm hoping to post some pictures of my bridesmaid dress when I get around to picking it up.


Melissa said...

I LOVE them! so do all of my coworkers :P

Amanda said...

they're so cute!

Kasey Nichols said...

So that's what you needed the little bit of tulle for. VERY CUTE!

Anonymous said...

Kira- I totally forgot to tell you at the wedding that I LOVE this little guys. They are so cute. The kids loved them too!!

It was awesome to see you at the wedding. Hope you and the hubby had fun!! :-)