Sunday, May 24, 2009

Missie's Wedding

I went to my high school best friend's wedding yesterday!

She looked absolutely gorgeous and the wedding was simple and beautiful. And it was a beautiful day to have an outside wedding! The only thing that happened that wasn't according to plan was that one of the groomsmen fainted! I felt kind of bad that I was really quite amused when everyone else was so concerned, but one of my bridesmaids fainted at my I just kind of thought it was funny that it actually happened at someone else's wedding. Fainting during a wedding is one of those things that you hear about and you get warnings about not locking your knees (eating breakfast/lunch helps too), but you never really expect to happen. So when it does happen, I'm just amused!

CJ and I were at the same table as this couple, Katie and Michael. I met them once at Missie's bridal shower/birthday party. CJ and I got along great with them. And I guess they live in our neighborhood! They were fun people to hang out with. Michael is a ballroom dance instructor and gave me a mini-lesson on swing dancing.

Congratulations Missie! God bless you and your new husband!

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