Friday, May 15, 2009

A Small Rant About Movies & Book Covers...

So...I hate it when...
A book gets turned into a movie and all of a sudden, the new copies of the book no longer sport the originally-published cover image, but rather have been replaced with the movie poster image.

I don't know if it's just that I like the design better or what...but when I get around to buying Twilight, I want to make a point to buy the original cover...if I can still find it. But maybe they'll keep the original cover around since it goes with the other covers of the other books in the series that haven't been turned into movies yet.

I remember being happy that I was able to get a copy of Memoirs of a Geisha with the original cover after the movie came out and every copy in the bookstores had the movie poster cover (I got my copy at Goodwill). I also have the original cover for Wicked (also obtained at Goodwill), as opposed to the one I saw at the store today, which is the poster for the Broadway show...

Not that I don't like the design of the movie poster image for either of those books...I like the designs. But it bugs me for some reason that as soon as something gets "big" that they insist on changing it. I know...that's the nature of's just the way it goes. It still bugs me though. Stupid...I know. Maybe it's because I imagine if I was the one who designed the original cover...I'd be ticked off that my design got shoved aside for some shiny new movie poster image.

With as much as I love movies (and movie posters) how ridiculous is it that that this is something that irks me?

By the way...currently reading Twilight (I finally found it at the library!) and I am LOVING it! (as I also loved the movie).
I literally find myself swooning and sighing as I'm reading it (I am such a GIRL!) Oddly enough, it makes me swoon and sigh partly because (no joke) it makes me think of my husband. Don't ask me's something in the character's personality and the relationship dynamic...not in the physical description (my hubby doesn't have honey colored eyes, super pale skin or a Greek god physique). And plus...vampires are just hot. Especially when they are protecting you rather than eating you. (I'm such a GEEK girl!)

Oh my gosh...I just said that "vampires are just hot". My friends (and my mom) who read this blog are going to think I'm so weird! But they should have known that already. ;P

I am following my pattern of reading the book after I've seen the movie so I feel like I'm getting something extra...being more impressed with the book instead of reading the book first and being disappointed with the movie because it "didn't live up to the book". Let me tell you...FEW movies ever completely live up to the books they are from. But I still find movies that are based on books enjoyable...because then I get to go out and read the book and get the "extra" bits and insights of the story!


Ashley Clark said...

Have you read Wicked? Im reading it right now

Kira said...

Yup! Found it quite intriguing.