Saturday, May 23, 2009

Painting At the New House

We got a lot done at the house Thursday and Friday.
All the windows on the first floor (except for the bathroom) have at least a first coat of paint (painting brown over white requires 2 coats). The kitchen window, door and baseboards have 2 coats, and the living room windows have 2 coats on the windows. We're switching to white paint for the bathroom and for upstairs so we will only need to do one coat instead of two.

I worked diligently doing the first coat on the windows on Thursday and on the front door and second coat for some of the windows on Friday.

CJ did a second coat on the kitchen cabinets and first/second coat on the baseboards.
And here's how Luna spent her time while we were painting...

(Ugh...that wallpaper SO needs to go.)

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