Friday, February 6, 2009

Sweater Monster Parade!

Here come the sweater monsters! It must be the winter weather making me want to make cuddley, huggable monsters out of old sweaters.

This huggable guy went home last week with Becky, a fellow artist/vendor at the Spot art show. She showed me tonight that she has a picture of her hugging him for her MySpace profile picture! How sweet! He was definitely one of my favorites and was hard to part with. But I'm glad he's making someone so happy!

This monster is from the arm of the sweater the previous monster was made of. I just made her today.

I made this zipper-mouthed monster yesterday. He's the first monster I've done this with! The zipper goes to a little pocket on his front.

These two lover monsters (Valeria & Viktor Valentine) are at Moonflower. I made them yesterday.
This monster came from the same sweater as the above two. (thanks for the contribution Mom!) I finished up this one today at the show.

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Shannon Renee' said...

I love the zipper mouth monster. Kids would love that for a secret hiding spot for stuff.

If you could make them as a tooth.. it would be an awesome tooth fairy pillow. (just a random thought)

Keifiess (here is your capcha name)