Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mid Week to Mid Week...

A life update...
  • Mom came for a quick visit last Wednesday (to bring me my birch beer I left in her car from our trip to Rome) and she brought King! Luna was thrilled! King has never come over to our house before!

  • Then on Saturday, we took Luna to the vet for the first time for her initial visit for her shots and stuff. They have bunnies in their waiting room. Luna decided to investigate.

  • Yesterday, I helped watch Rachel's boys while she laid down for awhile and we played Twister.

  • And today I watched the kids for awhile again and did a craft project with them. I got the idea from Scrumdilly-Do. It's called "Shake & Make".Then the kids helped me glue on some paper scraps to my paper scrap box. I was sick of looking at the frozen pizza box

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