Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day Give-Away!

So...I think we're due for another giveaway. I promised you one didn't I?

The prize?
...A Valentine's Day Edition Luv Nubbin. Please specify in your comment if you'd prefer a red one (with pink heart) or pink one (with red heart).

How to enter?
...Comment to this post and write the captcha (word verification) in your comment. Whoever has the captcha that makes the best monster name wins!

Entry will be open until midnight February 14th (tomorrow).
*UPDATE* Sorry, I forgot to mention that I can only ship to the US (sorry international peeps!)


evilekeeper said...


That is so cute!

Anonymous said...


(which I think is a darn good monster name)

Kleinzeit said...

Mine is "snearbac". I think that might work! *grins*

Anonymous said...


wiki for ent

acronyms for sota (I like sign of the apocalypse personaly ;-p)

sadly it also sounds a lot like antsoda : D

Anonymous said...

peressy :]
its cute sounding!

The Mystery Rider said...



If I win Please use the Pink body Nubbin for a toy Drop for the toy society.

Love all your new Plush monsters on your etsy site.

Jess said...

Captcha: Rowri

It's too cute!

Leslie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Leslie said...


I love your creations!

Kerri said...

I absolutely adore these! I love the little pink one.


Dani said...



Awesome blog. I am watching you now. =D

Anonymous said...

Cute little creature.

My captcha: "demen" XD

I like the pink with the red heart :)

SquishyCuteStuff said...

My captcha is "zogra". Sounds a bit scary, and a bit feminine at the same time!

If I should be so lucky to win, just surprise me!

Leeanna Butcher said...


I'd love the red monster! just too cute! :D

Anonymous said...

captcha phrase- encha
<3luv nubbin<3

NRigi said...


Jossan said...


What a fun thing to do! I can only hope you like mine best :D

Anonymous said...

Captha: frers

It's super kawaii!! <3

Anonymous said...

hi she is so cute! my captch for her is nar-nar:)

Anastasia said...

I would pick a pink one and name her Ardat Lili!

Ardat Lili is a female ghost/demon that appears to men in the night, somewhat like a succubus, in ancient Babylonian mythology-- quite a Valentine's Day monster, eh? :)

Made a captcha:

Anonymous said...

I would so love the pink w/red heart little beastie -- your Luv Nubbins are SOOO adorable -- my captcha "name" for him is


and I'm frodobaggins252 over on Live Journal's cute_plush community

Your critters are terrific!

Anonymous said...


It's like a cute caveman name! And your little nubbin reminds me of a cute version of a caveman. ^_^

I'm silent_twin on LJ in cute_plush, btw. ^^

Carolyn G said...

I would like the pink with red heart

My word is:agies

Oh its adorable!!

Jen said...


Hmm, sounds a little like a messy sneeze, doesn't it? Oh well, it could *also* be a good monster name, right? :)

Oh, and I'd love a red one w/ pink heart.

Sue Anne said...

My captcha name is inglor!

I'd like a red beastie with a pink heart if I win. :)

Tissuepaper said...

I am in love with the pink one - I will love him and keep him warm.


Anonymous said...

This monster is really cute. I particularly like the eyes.I would prefer the red monster with a pink heart.

My name possibility is Masec.

Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

Anonymous said...

TRILLY is the name of mine.. remind anyone of trillian from hitchhikers guide?

i would like the pink one.. awesome idea

Jessica said...

I'm a little confused about whether "midnight February 14th" meant 12 a.m. on the 14th or 12 a.m. on the 15th. BUT, assuming the give away is still on, my captcha name is Hoeifies.

I would love a pink Luv Nubbin. :)

Anonymous said...


My word is ralat

Whosies said...

ok. mine is trari .....that sounds kind of cute.