Friday, February 6, 2009

"People who are scared of buttons must lead terrible lives..."

So, when I looked up "fear of buttons" last night to find out how to spell "koumpounophobia" (pronounced "koom-poo-no-fobe-ee-ah") (thank goodness for copy & paste!), the site I went to that explained what the phobia was had all these comments at the bottom from people who ACTUALLY have this fear! One person said they can't even stand to hear the WORD "button" and cries when people make fun of her and say the word over and over again to tease her. I'm fascinated and saddened all at the same time!...because I LOVE buttons!
So would that make me a koumpounophile? opposed to a koumpounophobe?
I actually have some button eyes I need to sew onto some monsters today...and I think I'm going to be giggling the entire time now.

Incidentally, after being engrossed in Coraline videos and trailers online last night, I had the urge to put on the movie MirrorMask before I went to bed (I like putting a movie on to fall asleep to). I was watching the opening credits, and just happened to see that Neil Gaiman (that delightfully creepy British man in the video I posted last night, who wrote Coraline), also wrote the screenplay to Mirrormask!

Coincidence?...hmmmm. Maybe I'm just drawn to delightfully creepy things written by delightfully creepy British men. Or stories of girls who don't appreciate their lives or the people in them until they get sucked into a magical dreamland that is just as dangerous as it is magical...examples: Labyrinth, MirrorMask, Coraline...essentially the same story with different circumstances.

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mamachat said...

And Dad says I use too many words in a day. He obviously has not read your blogs which I look forward to, everyday. I love words like, koumpounophobia. They really make me laugh and I want to use them every chance I get. Like the Mrs Byrnes Dictionary of Unusual and Preposterous words. That is where I learned about gynoticalobomasiphile.