Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fun at Grandma's House (Part 1)

I was at at my grandma's house in Rome, NY Monday and Tuesday. My mother has off from work this week (February break...isn't working for a school great?) and told me she was going to visit Grandma this week. I haven't seen Grandma in awhile, so I asked if I could got with her. Luna had to come too, since CJ is at work and we don't like to leave her alone in the house for more than 4 hours. But it was the perfect opportunity for Luna to meet her "great-grandma" (or "Grandmama"). This is only Luna's second overnight trip, and it's her first without "Daddy" (CJ). But she did pretty well.

And Grandma has a computer! A computer with INTERNET too! She's joined the 21st cetury!

It's been a cross between entertaining and challenging for mom and I to try to teach this sweet, 83-year-old woman about email and websites and other computer stuff. It's weird when younger knows more about something han the older. Mom knows more about computers than Grandma...but I know more about computers than Mom. But I've been trying to sit back and let mother and daughter fight it out...and I laugh and think of when my mother is in her 80's and I'm in my 50's and wonder what we'll bicker about. :) I tried to jump in only when I was asked.
We also watched Grandma's old home movies...so they're OLD home movies. Like late 1940's and 1950's kind of old....my uncles and mother as babies kind of old...my grandma and grandpa's wedding kind of old. Our friend Tim (who is our computer/video geek) has been transferring the old home movies from a film projector and made a DVD of the raw footage and gave it to Mom. Mom left the DVD with Grandma. I want to get a copy of the DVD and try to pull some still pictures off of it, since there's some great shots of Grandma and Grandpa when they were young. And Grandma was so pretty! And she had such gorgeous dark hair! I guess we know where me and my mom get it now! I'd love to post some old photos of her so you all could see just how pretty she was, but I need to obtain some first and scan them in.

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