Friday, February 20, 2009

Commissioned Nubbins

Here's a look at some comissioned nubbins I've done as a result of my exposure at the Spot art shows... This one was inspired by the "CPSIA Nubbin" I did to promote an awareness of the Consumer Safety Improvement Act's impact on handmade toys. A woman saw my sad, crying Nubbin and was inspired to ask me to do a series of emotion Nubbins. She works with children (Kindergarten I think) and thought is would be good to use the Nubbins in order to teach small children about feelings. She requested Happy (orange), Sad (blue), Angry (red), and Scared/Worried (grey). I tried my best to use colors associated with particular emotion. The scared Nubbin was the hardest. My husband suggested yellow (yellow being associated with as in "yellow-bellied"), but the woman ordering them suggested a darker color like grey. I made a fifth Nubbin...a Silly Nubbin that is purple. I haven't taken any pictures of him yet, but I will try to before I hand them over. She also told me that if it went over well in her classroom that she would give my card to all the other teachers too so they could request some Emoti-Nubbins of their own!

I did this other Nubbin for a fellow artist at the Spot art show who does pottery. She requested a purple Nubbin with her sorority letters on it in this pink/fuchsia felt she picked out from my felt stash. She's planning on giving it as a gift to one of her sorority sisters.

She also requested a little heart on its butt!

Oh!...I had to go out to buy some more thread colors for these projects to use with my sewing machine...and I thought it was funny that the thread I bought just happened to coordinate with my set of bright-colored buttons I have. I didn't plan on buying the thread to match the buttons, I was just buying the colors of thread I needed...

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Kasey Nichols said...

Those emotion nubbins are really cute!