Friday, February 20, 2009

The Tuesday Night Girls

Mom sent me some pictures she scanned of the "Golden Girls"/"Tuesday Girls". But she beat me to the punch in posting them! (yeah! mother, the supposed non-blogger!) So I'll just post my favorite. Grandma is the dark-haired one with the big hat in the center of the front row. I think we saw this wedding on the DVD...I remember that hat and dress. And I don't know if I'm a little biased because she's my grandma, but I think she stands out the most out of everyone in this picture. Probably because everyone else is wearing light-colored dresses except her!

She looks so like my mom!...or probably more accurately, Mom looks like her!
At least Mom typed up all the interesting info so I don't have to! Go check out her blog post to read it. Well, plus has more firsthand knowledge than I do and she has the whole newspaper article at home...she only sent me scans, so I don't have the whole thing. But I found this snippet about my Grandma in one of the scans...(This article was published in the Rome Observer in 1996)

Yup! That's my grandma! :)


mamachat said...

I want to save this newpaper somehow. I was thinking of going to kinko's and having it copied so I could archive it. I should scrapebook it or maybe you could think of a better way. I really like how you posted the print from the article. Sorry if I jumped ahead of you. I wanted to play a little this morning with my blogging.

Kira said...

No! ...don't be sorry...blogging is GOOD! Blogging is your friend! Keep it up!

Elin said...

I just read Mamachat's entry - really fun story. Your grandmother really does stand out in the photo!