Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Craft Show Update

So, I realize I owe my loyal readers an update on this past weekend's art/craft show.
The 5 hours at Spot flew by each night this weekend! Friday night was over before I knew it and I'd made a decent amount of sales...about 11 monsters. Saturday was quick-feeling too, but with much less sweater cat at the end of the night. This was my table set-up on Friday (I don't think I ever set up my table the same way twice!)

I sold another one of my favorite monsters! This green guy has been a favorite for a long time. I love how the huge button eye makes him look kind of crazy...and his big mischeivous smile! The lady who bought him offered to take a goodbye picture of him and me.

I need to start doing more of the toothy grins I used to do. I essentially have 3 types of monster-mouths...fuzzy lips, toothy grin, and pointy teeth. I've been doing a lot of pointy teeth lately. I need to go back to some classics.

The lady who bought the green guy asked if he had a name...I said that I never really gave him a name and then randomly off-the-top-of-my-head said he could be "Phil". Isn't that sad?...he was one of my favorites and I never even named him!

I want to be more diligent about naming my monsters. People really seem to like it when they have names...and personalities. I've recently come up with a way of coming up with funny-sounding monster names...I found that some of the word verifications (or captcha ) you see sometimes before you can comment on some blogs sometimes look like funny words. I thought then that they would make perfect monster names! Here's a list of some of them I've gathered:

  • Hagnizi
  • Ellowilla
  • Joysi
  • Bylserst
  • Trali
  • Cinti
  • Berslymp
  • Grack
  • Calaspec
  • Chipsin
  • Matom
  • Oustr
  • Winguls
  • Baskafel

I just need to assign the names to some monsters. Ellowilla and Joysi have already been assigned and are listed on my Etsy shop. Stay tunned...I may do another give-away soon (maybe Valentine's Day) and base the entry perameters on the captchas!

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