Friday, February 27, 2009

New Nubbin Sneak Peeks

Turquoise has become my new favorite color recently. And I have a thing for combining orange with turquoise lately. But it makes sense...check the color wheel...they're complementary colors. Well, orange and blue are complementary...and I consider turquoise a form of blue.

And I realize St. Patty's Day is coming up on us soon. So I've been making some green "Lucky Nubbins".

This shamrock took a lot more work than the typical heart (I cut out three little hearts and a stem). I wanted to do a four-leaf clover...but it looked crowded and funky when I was laying it out.


The Mystery Rider said...

I see you put their eyes in after you sew. They look a little funny without eyes.

I like the sneak peeks.



Shannon Renee' said...

I love the St. Patricks Day ones... Can I commission 2 for the girls? maybe theirs can be a little bit bigger? Let me know, I will send you a check for them (make sure you figure in shipping).

Tell my brother I said hello. I hope you are both doing well .. your parents also (and Luna and King).


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