Thursday, January 6, 2011

More Rocket Ships!

After a fan on my KiraArts Facebook page saw the rocket ship I made for Ethan, she custom-ordered two for her own kids!

She's local, so I get to go meet her to hand-deliver them!...which I am always happy to do! Shipping can be such a pain sometimes. Plus, I like that little extra personal connection.

I'm thinking of altering the design in the future to include a little pocket so little action figures can ride in the ship! I also had an idea of making little hand-painted spaceman peg dolls (similar to these) to include if/when I make more rocket ships. Although if I make more, I may need to find different material. The sweater I made the last 3 ships with is almost gone!

Hmm...maybe I'll try making a flying saucer next? So much inspiration, so little time!

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