Monday, January 10, 2011

Organza Pouf Flower

I must have a subconscience yearning for spring, because I am really into making flower accessories lately. I got the inspiration for a new fabric flower design this weekend. Remember the tissue paper pom-poms/poufs that I've done in the past to use for event decorations? Well, I thought, "Why not try it with fabric?" to make a hair accessory or brooch?

This first one is kind of a prototype. I need to tweak the process a bit and experiment with how many layers to use. There are 8 layers of organza used in this particular flower, but I think that may be too many and I need to break it down to 5 layers. The other debate is whether to scorch the fabric before or after I make the flower. I wasn't going to bother with scorching the edges, but the edges were fraying, so I decided it was needed.

I'll probably make a listing in the shop when I perfect the design. I can see these being a great prom or bridal accessory.

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snore stop said...

The flower is really looking soo beautiful.