Friday, January 28, 2011

Woodland Creatures Series: Sir Jackson Rabbit

Sir Jackson Rabbit came about in an odd, random way. He was actually originally supposed to be a raccoon. His head was originally to be for a raccoon, and his moustache was originally cut out as the raccoon's "mask", but after messing around with the placement, I thought it looked like a moustache. And I've been wanting to do another creature with a moustache (moustaches and beards are still trending themes. Yeah, facial hair! Woot!).

I'm not sure exactly why I chose to make him a rabbit. The only thing I can really think of is that I was inspired by the Mr. Herriman character in "Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends" (Which is one of my favorite cartoon series! I have all 6 seasons on iTunes and I tend to watch them on my iPod while I sew).

His left eye (well, that would be the right eye in the picture) is intentionally bigger to suggest a monocle. As for his plaid shirt/ jacket, I had just gotten a wool plaid shirt at the thrift store this week, and it seemed to go well with the grey wool sweater I'd cut the pieces of the head from.

I'm not sure if he really fits in with the other woodland creatures in the series...because of the human traits I've given him...the moustache and the shirt. He's the only one I've done with clothes so far. But he's still fun and adorable. I'm sure someone will adore him and he'll end up as someone's favorite companion!

I imagine him as having a British accent...saying stereotypical British things like "Cheerio mate! Fancy a spot of tea, wot wot?" *(I actually have no idea what "Wot wot" even means. I just got it from the Redwall books...where the hares tend to say it a lot. Can any British peeps help me out? My blog stats say at least some of you blog viewers are from the UK!)


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Love this new character!

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