Thursday, January 6, 2011

Unexpected gifts

I got a lovely, unexpected surprise gift recently from Nicole, my brother's girlfriend...

I came home last week and found an envelope on my front porch. It was addressed to me and was from I was confused, thinking "What? I didn't order anything from Zazzle!" When I opened it, I found 5 sheets of address labels with my KiraArts logo on it. My confusion continued until I found this message on the invoice...

Awww! That was so nice of her!
A few days later, I came home and found another envelope from Zazzle on the porch! "What?" Again, it turned out to be from Nicole. And this one had KiraArts postage stamps in it!

Pretty sweet huh? I can't wait to use these on something!


M! said...

These are the cutest stamps ever!! Nico is so thoughtful, what a wonderful gift! I don't know that I could ever use stamps like that, because if I did, they would be gone! (Oh noes!!)

Anonymous said...

I want an envelope mailed to me. Or write to Gran'ma and have her save the Stamped envelope. Nicole told me she was going to give these to you for Christmas. I thought it was really a cool idea.
love ya,