Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More Fabric Rose Hair Clips

A bit ago, I posted pictures of my fabric rose hair accessories. I've made some more and have made listings in my Etsy shop.

I had a limited amount of green fabric, so, sadly, I don't have a listing for any green roses.

For some reason, due to the lighting when I was taking pictures, the purple looks more blueish than it does in real life. It's the same purple fabric that I used in the other purple roses. I tried to Photoshop it so the color looks right, but the photo just ends up looking obviously altered. I may either need to keep trying to color-correct it or just re-shoot the pictures.


Tree Huggin Momma said...

I think they are lovely. I am particularly drawn to the green one. The girls love their monsters and Kitties. GreenGirl is pleased to have a monster whose hair she can style (Trilly) (and they are both getting tutu's for Easter...).

I was wondering... I love the Chesire Cat Pillow, and chance you could come up with the catapillar to go with it?

health quotes said...

Waw! fantastic hair clips,beautiful.I appreciate your work.