Thursday, January 6, 2011

Knox the Fox

I've finally finished my second fox! (Well, I finished him on Saturday, but have finally gotten around to doing a photo shoot). I promise that, unlike the first fox, I will not be keeping this one for myself. It will be available in my Etsy shop.

After looking at a few pictures of actual foxes, I decided to give this fox some black "socks" like real foxes do. Although I think to be completely accurate, I would have needed to make his ears black too. But that's okay...I have creative license...foxes don't stand upright either.

I'm wanting to start a "Woodland Creatures" series. I currently have a raccoon in the works (he's just waiting for his arms and tail). After the raccoon, I'd like to do a badger. And after the badger...I'm not sure. I have lots of ideas and have gotten some good ideas and suggestions from friends and Facebook fans though...hedgehog, groundhog, squirrel, bird, deer, beaver, rabbit...the list can go on and on!


M! said...

Omgomgomg!! He's so wonderful!! The cuteness!!! Do you think you could make another adorable little foxkeh with happy crescents (^_^) for eyes? :D I would love to have one!! And...maybe a little adorable crow, too? (I collect foxes, crows, and owls... >.>; )

Kira said...

I think I could handle that. The material probably wouldn't be the same though. I'm not sure I have enough scraps of the same orange sweater. It would either have to be another sweater or fleece. Send me an Etsy convo for your preference.

Sloane said...

He is really cute! You did a great job, I am going to go over to FB and become a fan so I can stay up to date on your woodland criters!