Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Treasury Tuesday: R is for Raccoon

It's Treasury Tuesday! Well, it's Treasury Tuesday on the RNEST Blog, but after listing Mika the Raccoon in my Etsy shop, I was inspired to make a raccoon-themed treasury.

I would have included it in today's RNEST Treasury Tuesday but, #1: I've already posted today's RNEST Treasury Tuesday, and #2: I'm the only RNEST member featured in this raccoon treasury, and I don't want to hog the spotlight (since I'm already one of the two RNEST members featured in today's treasury). I also don't want to seem like I'm using my position as the writer of the Treasury Tuesday blog posts as an opportunity to toot my own horn. Maybe I'm allowed to toot my own horn a little, I don't know. Maybe I'll include it as a bonus treasury on a week where the main treasury doesn't feature any of my items. But for now, I'll post it here for my own Treasury Tuesday!

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