Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Anniversary gifts

My husband never ceases to surprise me. I'll steal a phrase we use to describe the girl I work with..."predictably unpredictable".

These are the flowers that were waiting for me on our coffee table when I got home yesterday. I like red roses, but I love how these were not your typical red roses. And the sprig of little purple flowers and the random sprig of fresh euculyptus. It's a big deal for him to get me flowers...since he has allegies and usually doesn't like flowers. So a bouquet of flowers is definitely an expression of love for him.

But that wasn't all. He got me a locket and took the time to painstakingly put two tiny pictures of two paintings I've done inside.

I really wasn't expecting anything. Since our anniversary and my birthday and his birthday are all within 2 weeks of each other, we usually just get one big present for the both of us. I was just expecting to go out last night. We saw "Kung Fu Panda" and went to dinner at Red Robin.

My work schedule prevented us from doing our "tradition" of going to a new Rennisance Faire. (Can you have a tradition when you've only been married 2 years?) We always go to the "local" one in Sterling NY (about an hour away), but we have a goal of going to a new one every year. We want to go to one in Ohio this year later in the summer.

But I had a wonderful time last night anyway.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary !
I love you.
Stay happy and God Bless you both!


sorna said...

Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again

Anniversary Gifts for Husband