Thursday, June 19, 2008


I've been pretty useless the past few days. Sickly & yucky and blah. I've been slogging through the day just trying to make it through work and then flopping into bed as soon as I get home. What a week to feel like this! I haven't been letting myself take a sick day because I "have" to be there! The Kindergarten "moving on ceremony" was today and the school picnic and kindergarteners' last day is tomorrow. At least I have the thought "It'll be over soon!" to keep me sane.

I've been back into knitting lately. (who said once you go to crocheting you never go back!) I've been making beanbags. Beanbags are such a great project for something quick to whip out for those of us who want instant (or near-instant) gratification of having a finished product.
I promise I'll post pictures of them later.


Melissa said...

aww, don't die :-D

....ah the memories....

I hope you feel better!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you were sick. Feel better soon. Take care of yourself. Drink plenty of fluids and get rest when you can!

Don't I sound like a MOM!

love ya,