Thursday, June 5, 2008

To smile...or not to smile? That is the question.

I've been on a monster kick lately. I just started to play with putting patterned fabric on them as an accent. I've had some random scraps of this crazy, bright, 60's-flower-child-looking pattern that I used on my newest monster that I made last night. All I have left to do on him is the handsewn features (teeth & heart). But I can't decide on how to make his mouth...

Happy? (the norm for my monsters)
Or frowny? (Not the norm for me, but strangely still cute)
When I asked my husband's opinion, he said "I'd be frowny too if I had that flowery pattern sewn on my chest!" I brought him into work today with the intent of finishing him up on my breaks (the monster...not my husband!). At the lunch table, I brought him out and asked the kids which they liked better and they said they wanted him happy.
What to do?...what to do? He looks so cute either way!
Any more opinions?

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Anonymous said...

It makes people wonder what you are up to.
heee heee