Monday, June 30, 2008

Eco Conscience vs. Personal Preferance

I am amused. I was reading the Eco Etsy Street Team Blog and saw this entry about little "eco-tips". I was amused because two of the tips I already do myself out of sheer personal preferance (not out of any eco conscienceness).

Stop or cut down on using a hairdryer. Your hair will love you for allowing it to air dry without that harsh heat destroying the natural oils.

I don't use a hair dryer. I have always preferred to let my hair air-dry. It dries to a lovely wavy/curly texture when it air dries. I always get compliments on my hair...and I think that is probably one of my little secret of why it's so nice. That and I don't use any products in my hair besides shampoo and conditioner (and only once in a great while a little gel to keep flyaways out of my face during my fitness boxing class).

Use small low energy lamps instead of overhead lighting whenever possible and put out lights when you’re not in a room. Overhead lights can be harsh on your eyes. Soft light is more calming and creates a beautiful ambiance in your home.

For some reason, I have never liked overhead lighting and prefer lamps. (I sometimes drive my husband crazy with this habit! He turns on the overhear light switch and when I walk in, I turn on a lamp instead and turn the switch off!) I wonder if it has to do with my first bedroom when I was a teenager, my room didn't have an overhead light and lamps were my only lights. Then when I had my room in the basement, I continued this habit because the overhead lights were flourescant lights (which I hate!).

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