Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Polka-Dotted Messy-Haired Monster

On a much lighter note than yesterday, here is my newest monster!

He kind of reminds me of Red Fraggle.
(BTW: my birthday is this month and Season 3 of Fraggle Rock is out on DVD! ~hint hint~)

His hair is made out of a "fancy fur" yarn I bought at the Dollar Store a while ago. And his body is made of a scrap of a crazy polka-dotted sock. Here is a picture of his "brother" that I made out of the other sock (on the right...obviously). I've since given both of these monsters away .

It's interesting to see how much my sock monster making style has evolved since I started. In ther beginning, I was highly influenced by John Murphy's work (since it was his book that gave me the idea in the first place). But I think I've developed my own unique style.

If you want to see more of my "early work" go to my photobucket album. I'll be getting with the times and moving my pictures over to Flickr soon.

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