Wednesday, June 25, 2008


So...I'm DONE! All done! I'm freeeeeee! Today was my very last day working at the school (although the staff is trying to convince me to be on the substitute aide list for next year...which I may consider.)

It was very surreal when it was actually time to go. I left about 30 minutes later than I usually do because I was saying goodbye to my co-workers I've come to love over the year.
Speaking of my co-workers and my love for them...I gave some of them sock monsters as going-away gifts. The first two are ones I just made last night.

Sue - the special ed teacher
Sue's monster was actually made out of one of the socks she gave me. She gave me a whole bag of old socks and told me that the argyle pair had been her I gave one of them back to her a monster!

Maureen - the classroom aide
Hers was the first monster I've made with eyelashes!

Erin - the speech therapist
Erin's is one of my "vintage" monsters. "How can you tell?" you ask? The button eyes.

They were all so thrilled with their monsters! And that makes me so happy! And everyone who saw them raved about them! I only wished I'd brought enough to give everyone. I'm thinking of randomly popping by from time to time to leave a surprise monster in someone's mailbox!

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