Sunday, June 15, 2008

Porch Flower Boxes

It's been a project weekend! We feel accomplished! (even thought the project isn't completely finished yet)

CJ had the day off from work on Friday and started building the flower boxes for our porch. When I got home from work, he had the first one (on the east side of our house) almost completely built and installed. On Saturday afternoon, he cut the boards for the next window while I painted the first box. But, as I was doing that, we figured out that painting the boxes after they were installed is a pain, so we decided to paint the boards before CJ installs them into the window. The great thing about how he made them is that he didn't have to nail or screw anything into the house itself. The boxes are removable.

Before... (picture from last year)


Before I was married, I never pictured myself becoming a gardener! My mom was the gardener of the family. I never really cared. It must be something about having a place of your own. I love having a "real" garden now instead of my poor plants being confined to pots (we live in an upstairs part of a duplex).
And I like the idea of growing my own vegetables and herbs as opposed to a flower garden. Maybe I'll have a couple flowers...but flowers aren't my main passion. I'd like to plant plants that are useful and practical. I have some letuce and cherry tomato plants started so far. My only problem is that only the side windows (the east and west ends of the porch) get much sun.. The eaves of the house prevent a lot of sun from getting to the front (south) openings. So I'm going to have to research what plants like shade (Lettuce likes shade!).

And...Rachel and I went to the Public/Farmer's Market and some garage sales yesterday morning. I bought some dill and rosemary at the market and I found the perfect little table to use for my gardening at a garage sale...for only $3!
It was originally all painted that grey color. I painted a bit of it the green I was using for the boxes while I was waiting to put a second/third coat on.

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