Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Adventures of Hal the Sweater Monster (Episode 2: Trip To The Laundromat)

Today, Hal took a trip with me to the local laudromat.  I just bought a large quilt at a thrift store a few days ago, and I wanted to wash it like I do with all my thrift store finds.  But, my washer is smaller than an average washer (it's an "apartment" size) and I didn't think it would fit.  So, hence the trip to the laundromat to use the large-capacity front loaders.

The laundromat is right down the street, within walking distance of my house.  It seemed silly to drive with it being that close and a nice day out, so I loaded up my garden wagon with laundry baskets, quilts, and laundry detergent and took a nice stroll down "into town".

 We stopped by the library first to pick up some books I'd put on hold, and then came to the Creekside Laundromat.


Waiting for the quilt to finish washing.

And we brought the quilt home to dry it on the line...not only for that nice, line-dried linens smell, but also because I was out of quarters! (It took 18 quarters just to wash it! Laundromats have gotten expensive since I used one last!)

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