Friday, August 24, 2012

The Adventures of Hal the Sweater Monster (Episode 4: Road Trip To the Poconos)

 We stopped at Sonic in Binghamton, NY...the closest Sonic to us...3 hours away from Rochester.
(Sonic has a childhood nostalgia for me.  When my family lived in Kansas when I was a kid, Dad would always take us to Sonic.  They really need to build one in Rochester or Buffalo.)

On Rt 80, we ran into a traffic jam caused by construction that must have added another hour to our 5 hour drive to Stroudsburg, PA. 

Luna was even bored.

But we finally made it to the log cabin style house we are renting for the week with my parents and their friends!  It's a very nice place!  I'll have to post more pictures later, even though pictures don't seem to quite do it justice.  The pictures I saw online didn't prepare me for how nice it was. (BTW: My "good" Sony camera DID come in the mail on Thursday...all repaired!)

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