Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Out and About...And Camera Frustrations

I went to the salon today to get my hair trimmed and the layers put back in, so my hair looks its best for my brother's wedding this weekend.

 After I went to the salon, I stopped over at the Shirt Factory Cafe.  They have a new outdoor lounge space I read about, but haven't seen yet.  It wasn't open to the public when I went today, because they were doing some work on it.  I peeked in and really wanted to disregard the sign, but I was a good girl.

 A glimpse of my new haircut!

Sorry for all the Instagram-ness lately.  My "good" camera (a Sony Cybershot DSC-TX10) had to be sent in to be repaired.  It stopped recognizing the SD card for some unknown reason.  We sent it in once, but they didn't fix the problem and we had to send it in again.  I'm a bit frustrated, since I'd like to have my good camera to take pictures at the wedding...which is in just a few days.  Sony's customer service has not been making points with me.  We'll see if my camera comes in the mail before we leave for PA on Friday.

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