Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Adventures of Hal the Sweater Monster (Episode 1: Crashing The August RNEST Meeting)

I want to start a new, fun photo series called "The Adventures of Hal the Sweater Monster".  I was inspired by the "Etsy Everywhere" project and the resulting photo I took last month of Hal in front of the Lyndonville sign (even though I wasn't able to submit it to the Etsy project because I missed the deadline).  I chose Hal because he is my current favorite.  I'm strongly considering keeping him for myself so I can use him consistently for this project (which means I should probably take his listing off my Etsy shop).

 Hal "stowing away" in my bag

 Arriving at Panera Bread in Henrietta (our traditional RNEST meeting place).  It's been a real pleasure having our monthly RNEST meeting there.  The staff at Panera is so friendly and seems to really like us.  A few months ago, during our meeting, the manager brought us over a plate of free cookies!

Hal with my friend Casey at the RNEST meeting last night.  (She wanted her picture taken with Hal...which was convenient, since I wanted an "at the RNEST meeting" picture of him).

Today, I experimented with the Android app "Comic Strip It!" to make this little comic strip of Hal's adventure yesterday... (If you have a hard time reading the text, click the picture to enlarge it)

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WonkyIffy said...

Such a cute idea! Reminds me of Flat Stanley, only cooler.