Thursday, August 2, 2012

Craft Show Recap: Midsummer Mini Mayday! (July 2012)

This past Saturday was the "Midsummer Mini Mayday Underground" art & craft show, organized by my friend (and fellow RNEST member) Casey of Peaches Products.

The show was at the Decibel Lounge in Rochester, NY.  My space was up on the stage.  I enjoyed being up there...I had a nice view of things.  (above photo courtesy of Casey)

Here was my "dry run" setup at home in my living room the day before the show.  I had an idea in my head that I really wanted to have a setup that didn't include my typical 6 foot table, since I knew the space wasn't going to be typical and we would need to be flexible in our setup.  I just wanted to use the suitcases, stacked up, to have a literal "trunk show" feel.  I used an old stool to hold the Owl Nubbin suitcase.  I couldn't use the huge trunk I usually use, since circumstances had me bringing my car instead of the pickup truck, and the huge trunk doesn't fit in the car.  But I have a smaller trunk that I just propped up on 2 wine crates.

And here is what my setup looked like in the venue.  It is slightly different...more on an angle, since space was tighter than we thought it would be.  But I specifically designed the setup to be flexible (one of the reasons I didn't want to rely on using my usual 6 foot table).

 The view from the stage "entrance".  You can see my stacked suitcases waaay at the end there.

 The view from the front door when you first came into the lounge.

 My view from the stage.

 Some cute pom-poms that were part of Fuzzy Bunny's display down on the floor.

Not all the monsters would fit in the trunk, so mom had the idea to take some of them with long arms and attach them to the pole!

 Casey and her new friend...Howard!  (I traded him for some of her wonderful feather hair clips!  Gotta love artist trades!)

Casey at her booth.  So happy! (happy everything worked out okay with the booth/table setups!)

 Casey's plush owls!  We both make plush owls (it's her fault I got into owls!) but our owls have different enough styles that we aren't in competition with each other.  She uses patterned & batik cotton fabric and I use fleece and felt.  I have one of her owls and an octopus in my craft room (more trades from previous shows!  I think Casey and I make a trade at every show we are at together!) 

My "booth neighbor", Jen of Old Familiar Way.  She does quirky-cool illustrations and makes shrinky-dink jewelry/accessories with some of those illustrations.  My favorites from her are the Doctor Who pins.  I have the Dalek pin (that Casey gave me for my birthday) and I bought the TARDIS pin at the show.

 The other vendors on the stage with me...Henry (left) and Papersaurus (right).

 This kid, Henry, is only 13 and he does some amazing drawings.  His dad was there with him, but he did all the drawings himself.  He is so detailed and has such a specific style!  Check out a closeup here.  He's just started selling his work, so there's unfortunately no website/Etsy shop for me to link to yet.

 Michele of Beauty In The Eye and her cool jewelry and bottlecap creations were also on the stage with me!

Kelly, one half of the husband & wife team of Our Secret Treehouse.  They have some great illustrations!  I love the woodland creature pictures!

 I was directly behind Salt City Chains (that's my director chair at the upper left).  My mom has been in love with her work since the last Mayday show in the spring, and finally bought herself a necklace from her to wear to my brother's wedding.

 More Doctor Who themed crafts! (have I mentioned how much I like Doctor Who? LOL!) This TARDIS magnet was by Sabra of Cat Clay.  She had the design on earrings and pendants too.  She also had a Dalek design! 

 Some work by Jina of MoyaLazyFactory.  Her stuff is absolutely adorable!

 Little owls!

Very cool, tiny, recycled soda bottlecap pincushions.  I remember trying to make one of these once, but getting frustrated and giving up!  I'd much rather buy one from her! (or make a trade! *wink*)

This little plush sewing machine is just darling!  I love it!

I forgot to take a picture of Sweet Pea Felts...but you should check her stuff out!  It's adorable!
Overall the day was really fun (even if I didn't make a lot of sales).  I can't wait for the next Mayday in November!

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