Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What's On My Worktable Wednesday: Nubbin-Sized Plush TARDIS

I'm a little afraid to post pictures of this...since I'm afraid of the flood of custom requests I may get to make more.  I learned about the power of Google through the requests I've been getting as a result of the "Hobbes" tiger doll I made.  Plus...I know how crazy Doctor Who fans are. it is.  I made a Nubbin-sized plush TARDIS this week in an attempt to get some sewing motivation and my creative juices flowing. (even though I need to be working on finishing up 3 more custom requested tiger dolls!)

I painstakingly hand-embroidered that "Police Box" text. (emphasis on "pain"...I forgot to wear my wrist brace and my wrist hates me now!)  I already have a buyer for this one.  They should feel very special because my husband really wants to keep it!  (I'll make him one for Christmas though!)

 Here is was in its preliminary cut-out stage.  I used a photo in a recent Entertainment Weekly issue (that featured Matt Smith as The Doctor on the cover) as reference...even though I've made a TARDIS craft before...a T-shirt for my husband.

So...what is The TARDIS all you non-geeks ask?...well TARDIS stands for "Time And Relative Dimension In Space" and it's The Doctor's funny little time-machine/spaceship that looks like an old British Police Call Box, and its big feature is that it's bigger on the inside than it is on the outside.  There's your geeky education for the day!

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