Sunday, August 5, 2012

Instagram Sunday: Weekly Recap

Here's my weekly Instagram recap!

The Doctor vs The Daleks...on my purse.  Handmade Doctor Who inspired pins by my friend Jen from Old Familiar Way.  I bought the TARDIS pin last weekend to go with the Dalek one Casey gave me for my birthday.

Been craving watermelon lately.  Ate the half that was left over from bringing it to a baby shower last weekend...with a spoon.  So yummy!

I have crossed over. I had my first "real" cup of non-fancy (ie: not mocha or chai) coffee last weekend at the craft show (there was free coffee available for the vendors). This is my first cup at my my lovely mug I got as a prize at the baby shower!  But I have to have a LOT of cream & sugar.

Who needs a cat bed when you have an Aldi's bag?

...Or a laundry basket?...

Sold a sweater monster on Etsy this week.  My monsters are required to be contortionists when I ship them.   Have fun in your new home Rory! ;)

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