Thursday, August 2, 2012

Monster Drawing by Henry

 So, remember that 13 year old kid, Henry, who was across from me at the Mini Mayday show?  

I forgot to mention the awesome monster drawing he did, inspired by my monsters.  He just drew it while sitting there at the show...and quietly came up to me and gave it to me.  It was so sweet!  I wanted to hug him! (but I restrained myself.  I thought he might have been weirded out if I hugged him.)

 I love it!  I'm going to frame it and put it on the wall in my craft room.
Mom joked with me that when Henry gets famous, I have an original piece! LOL!

 I love the little details he does (like the robot arm) and how he puts his own style into it.  How many 13-year-olds have this kind of a developed drawing style?  This kid is a prodigy!

Another cool detail...I didn't notice this when he first gave it to me...but there is a little Nubbin peeking out from the monster's pocket!

And he drew an owl for Casey...inspired by her owl stuffers!

We both insisted he take something from our booths as a trade.  He seemed hesitant and slightly embarrassed, but he ended up picking out a Nubbin from my booth (not sure what he got from Casey's).  I wanted to make sure this kid knows his art is worth something, as well as introduce him to the craft show culture of making trades among artists.

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