Sunday, August 26, 2012

Adam & Nicole's Wedding: The Ceremony

Now for photos of the ceremony!

 The Stroudmore Inn has a lot of wedding chapels (five, I think).  Adam and Nicole got married at the Woodland Chapel.

This table that held the unity candle has particular significance.  It is made from the trunk of the willow tree that used to be in my parents' front yard that Adam used to climb when he was younger.  Adam put that chain around the tree years ago...and the tree grew around the chain is embedded in the wood.  The company that my parents hired to cut the tree down wouldn't take this piece away with the rest of the tree, because the chain would damage the equipment they use to grind up the wood.  Adam and my parents had half-joked about turning the piece into a table.  One of my parents' friends from their church (the father of the boy who was the ring bearer for my wedding!) actually had the equipment needed to even out the piece in order to make a table.  So my parents paid him a visit to have the piece cut and the legs put in, and then Mom used EnviroTex to seal it.  It's an amazing table.  It looks like one of those $1000 tables you see at high end craft shows.

 This location was beautiful.  I joked that I wish I'd known about this place when CJ and I got married!

 I loved the woods surrounding it.

My father got ordained as a pastor a few months ago, specifically in order to perform the ceremony.
It's still a little weird to me that my dad is actually a pastor.  He's been a deacon at his church for years, but now he's an actual pastor!  Someone called him "Father" and he replied "Yes...father of the groom!" (my family is not Catholic and I think someone calling him "Father" probably either weirded him out or amused him)

 Here comes the bride!

 Beautiful dress!

 "Mawwiage!  Mawwiage is what bwings us togethah today!"
Yes...that is actually how my father began the ceremony!  Everyone loved it!
(if you don't get really need to watch "The Princess Bride")

 The mothers lighting the unity candles.

 The kiss!

 Mr. and Mrs. Chatfield!
So happy!


sunshyne_silverwear said...

Wow! I absolutely LOVE the location of the ceremony. So beautiful. Looks like it was a perfect day for weather too.

Cartridge said...

Great post Nice photography......