Thursday, December 4, 2008

And The Winner Is...

Thanks to everyone who commented yesterday for the Give-Away. You all made my day. I think the most comments I've ever gotten on a single post before has been 3!

Some people forgot to give me a name for the monster however, which I did mention in the post was a deciding factor in picking the winner. But for every one of you that forgot, there were a bunch more that gave cme some really fun ones!

I must say that it was very tough picking a winner. Some of my favorites were:
- Jagger (after Mick Jagger , because of the big lips)
- Mr. Scruffles
- Wonky Willard
- G├╝rkin
- Mr. Slurpstein the Third
- Purple Lipinski
- Basil Sludge-Fuzzworthy

- Phfancy Phfillip Phfishinger "(all pronounced with a very spitty spray)"
- Sir Fernando Flounce Mouth
- Zarthag

There were so many great names! I finally needed to enlist my husband to help me decide. But in the end we decided on...

Stripes McDougal!

So Bird, you are the winner! I'm sure Stripes will have a good home with you. If you had just said "Stripes", I might not have picked it, but the McDougal was what did it We have a soft spot for the it just sounded so funny...especially if you try saying it with a Scottish accent. Congratulations! E-mail your address info to kira(at) so I can ship him to you!

Thanks everyone for all the great names. I will definitely log them away to name future monsters. I wish I could afford to give everyone a free monster. But you can always obtain a funny monster of your own from my Etsy shop. You just might end up seeing one with the name you suggested!

This was so much fun that I just might have a monthly monster give-away. So make sure to check back here occasionally!

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