Friday, December 19, 2008

Feelin Festive

I keep thinking that my windows are fogged up, but it's just all the SNOW flying outside. I hope CJ gets home safe from work today.

Anyway, I've been feeling like the quintessential Christmas housewife the past few days, making gingerbread cookies while it's snowing outside and listening to Manneheim favorite Christmas makes me think of Christmas morning with my family since it's Dad's favorite Christmas music too, and he always plays the CDs on a loop on Christmas morning. "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen", "Still Nacht (Silent Night)", and "Veni Veni (O Come, O Come Emmanuel)" are my favorites.

I always say I don't enjoy cooking, but I do enjoy baking when the mood strikes me. Mostly cookies though, nothing fancy like cake or bread...CJ is my bread-making man. Here's the first batch of cookies I made (can you tell which one was for CJ?)...

A lot of them got eaten...

A special sign language "I love you" cookie for my Mommy...

And a dog cookie for Luna. Well...not really, I'm not going to let her eat it, but it looks kind of like her. I guess this one I'll give to Dad...he's our big dog lover.
Gingerbread cookies are addicting!...making them as well as eating them. I wanted to make some more, but didn't have enough molasses left from the first batch, so I looked up online what substitutes I could use...honey, corn syrup, maple syrup, or brown sugar. So my second batch I made, I used the rest of the molasses and honey...and look how much different they look from the first batch...but they taste just as good. I want to make another batch with maple syrup so I can compare.

And what, you may ask, am I going to do with all these cookies? Well, I already gave some away to Rachel downstairs, since she was kind enough to let me borrow her ground clove (I didn't have any) and her cool cookie cutters. But the rest I'm planning on bringing to church on Sunday and then bringing some to my parents' house Christmas Eve.

I got my recipie from Maya*Made's blog and found info on the substitutions from Yahoo Answers.

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