Saturday, December 27, 2008

What do your roses mean?

I just found this at the Meet Me at Mikes blog.

"All roses say, I Love You, but each color has it's own meaning:
- Burgundy - Unconscious Beauty
- Orange or Coral - Desire
- Pink - Grace and gentility
- Red & White Together - Unity
- Red - Passion
- Sweetheart Roses - Darling, Dear or Honey
- White - Worthiness
- White Rosebuds - You're too young for love
- Yellow - Joy "

I wonder if "Red & White Together" means that one single rose has both red and white in it (like verigated) or that red roses and white roses are grouped together. I had red & white roses for my wedding bouquet...two red roses and one white. I had a specific reason I had that particular arrangement...the two red symbolized my husband and I, while the single white one symbolized God.

(believe it or not, this photo was not posed, my photographer just happened to catch me trying to open up the rose a little more.)

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