Friday, December 19, 2008

Winter Wonderland

~Sings~ "Walking through a winter wonderland...."
I offered to shovel the rest of the driveway for Rachel this afternoon. She originally had called me to see if I could watch her kids while she did it, but I know she always does it, so I figured it would be nice if I did it for a change.
I'd only been out there for a few minutes when her oldest son, David, came out to help me. I thought Rachel had sent him out to help, but I found out later that he'd come out to help me of his own accord, just because he wanted to. Rachel thought he was going outside to play in the backyard! He was quite the little helper. It made shoveling a lot more enjoyable than if I was doing it alone! Rachel took these pictures just as we were ready to come in.

Yay for snow!..phew!

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