Monday, December 1, 2008

Lots of Opportunity!

So..I brought my sewing machine to Ohio with me and got a bunch of monsters done. It's a good thing too, because the opportunities to sell my monsters feel like they are pouring in! It's because of the holiday season I suppose.

I checked my e-mail when we got home last night and found I had gotten another message over Etsy to do a craft show called "100 for 100". The idea is to have 100 or more artists/vendors with items priced under 100 dollars. It's this upcoming Friday and next Friday from 6pm-10pm. I want to do it, but I am debating about maybe only doing next week's show so I can make sure I have enough inventory for Saturday's show (As of now, I have 83 sellable monsters). I don't want to end up selling a lot my inventory at Friday night's show and not have anything for Saturday morning. Plus, I have been offered to have my monsters in a local shop that focuses on handmade goods and original art from local artists. That shop's grand opening is this Thurday and the owner wants to get together with me this week before the shop opens. So I'll need at least a few pieces to have in her shop

I am a little overwhelmed right now, but also excited!
Enough blogging...I need to get to work!

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