Monday, December 8, 2008

What Are Your Home Design Elements?

I've been watching design/organization shows on HGTV all afternoon while rearranging my living room in an attempt to figure out where to put my Christmas tree...and I thought of this question:

You just won a makeover on one of those HGTV design shows...the designer asks you what your favorite design elements/inspirations/colors are...what are your answers?

- African/Asian inspired
- Bamboo
- Natural Elements
- Animal print (in tasteful doses)
- Colors depend on the room

Of course, my living room already has all these elements. It's my bedroom that's due for a least paint-wise. I have a red & black Asian feel envisioned for it.

This is when we first re-did it...the couch and chairs are flipped now, the two spherical paper lanterns are now in the bedroom, and the bamboo plant is in a different spot. We like to re-arrange things occasionally.

And for those who are curious...yes, that is Monsters Inc. on the TV.

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