Monday, December 8, 2008

Goodbye Tribute for Sold Monsters

Here's a goodbye tribute post for some of my monster friends that aquired new homes this weekend...

*To anyone out there who was the recipient or buyer for any of these monsters, send me a picture of them with their new owner and I'll post it on the blog. It's a tradition I've done whenever I've given away monsters before to take a picture of them with their new, happy owner. But I didn't do it at the show because I figured it'd be kind of creepy of me if I asked to take a picture of everyone who bought a monster! *

I never thought I'd bring myself to sell this little black argyle guy. He was one of my favorites. But he went to a sweet old lady in a wheelchair who liked him because he "looked like a kitty". And she also told me her favorite part of him was his little heart.

This "socktopus"...or, I think it was more of a "glovetopus"...was a favorite of mine too!
My mom seemed almost sad to see this purple toesock guy go. He was one of her favorites.

A friend who was the teacher at the preschool I used to work at came and bought up at least 6 monsters! This purple fuzzy guy went home with her to be a gift for one of her nieces...

...her husband bought this purple fuzzy guy for his co-worker. (Anyone else noticing a theme of purple here?)...

...this turquoise sparkley stripey guy was bought as a gift for their other teenage niece...

... and this Nubbin was picked out by their 5-year-old daughter. I was told she'd actually picked it out on Etsy. She also took one of my business cards to show all her friends!...what a sweetie!
They also got two other Nubbins to give as gifts.
The other monsters that I sold were Nubbins that I didn't have pictures of...and one itty-bitty orange/yellow/pink stripey sock guy with orange button eyes that I never took a picture of.

So goodbye my dear monster friends! Go forth and make some new people happy!

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Kasey Nichols said...

Yay! I'm happy to see you make some sales :-) These guys are so cute and creative.