Thursday, December 4, 2008

Moonflower Opening Night

I went to Moonflower Handcrafted Gallery's Grand Opening tonight. Mom came with me. I was glad to see that a LOT of people showed the point that it was kind of hard to get around the shop! There was a lot of nice stuff, art, candles, dog collars, etc. Mom bought a piney scented soy candle (called Ozark Mountian) and a felted Christmas tree brooch.
Here are my monsters...

I saw a lot of different people picking them up and looking at them, but they were all still there by the time Mom and I left. No biggie. I didn't expect them to sell right away.

I gave Brandi, the shop owner, one of my new sock monsters as a kind of "thank you"/"congratulations" gift. She told me that her friends are already threatening to steal it from her!

I'm also donating one of my newest sweater monsters to a toy drive my husband's office is participating in...the "Pirate Toy Fund". This guy is rather robot-y looking isn't he? I think it's the straight lines and how I didn't add a mouth. That first set of horizontal lines imply a mouth.
But he's a robot with a heart! I hope he makes some kid really happy.

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Anonymous said...

I like the sweater monster... he is cool.