Saturday, December 6, 2008

My First Craft Show! (part 2)

Hey there Blogger Land!
I had my very first craft show today!!! It was at the CDS Life Transition Center for those with developmental disabilities in Webster, NY. Mom came with me and we had a lot of fun.

I did pretty well. Not spectacular (I did come home with monsters)...but pretty well...I sold about 15 monsters. I thought the Nubbins would be my biggest seller, but they were about equal with the sock monsters. I saw at least 4 people that I used to work with...three from the Communication Center and one from Ivan Green. It was nice to see some familliar faces (one of them ended up being my best customer!). And Mom saw a couple people she knew from church.

Baskets are so nice! They made packing up a breeze! This was all I had to take out to the car! (of course, it was nice that CDS provided the table and chairs).

The black thing this is an orange crate I've had for years (it came from my great-aunt's farm) that I painted black...although it's unpainted on the bottom, so you can still see the original logo. We usually use it as a nightstand at home. I have another crate to match it, and was originally going to bring both, but decided on just the one. I was originally going to bring my sewing machine too, in order to get some work done there, but I decided against that too, since I had a lot of hand-sewing to get done (which I didn't even get done!)

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Art with a Tude = Artietude said...

Thanks so much for those. I have the feeling that I know I still want my "custom" made monster.

These little things are great!