Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's Because I'm Black Isn't It?!

Sorry, I gotta rant for a moment...
In my blog-browing tonight...I came across this article via the Apartment Therapy blog about a supposed bias against black dogs.

"Is there a prejudice against black dogs? It's an unspoken superstition among shelter owners that black dogs are harder to place, perhaps because they're considered mean or evil. Or it could be, in this age of searching for a pet via the web, that they don't photograph as well. This week's feature story looks at this issue and showcases seven black dogs that should help put that rumour to rest. "

COME ON!!! Are they kidding??? They got to play the color card with dogs now??? I'm stuck somewhere between flat disbelief that people believe such a thing is true and thinking that if it actually is true, that it's just too ridiculous! All I have to say is that

I actually prefer dark colored animals. I've always wanted a pure black cat and a black lab. Both my dog and my parents' dog are black and they're both the sweetest things ever...and they photograph beautifully!

I must say as well that Rottweilers get a really bad rep. Darn movies and mean junkyard owners! King (my parents' dog...the big one shown) is the sweetest dog ever!

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