Friday, May 20, 2011

Etsy Favorite Friday!: Our Secret Treehouse

This week's Etsy Favorite, Our Secret Treehouse, is a shop that I discovered because I met its creators at Mayday Underground. Richard, the cartoonist counterpart of the team, visited my booth and was wearing a shirt with this cute little beaver design on it. I commented on it, and he told me he'd designed it himself and that their booth was around the corner from mine. So one of the times I left and let my mom run my booth, I popped over to check their stuff out!

I had a nice time talking with them. We talked about how they are planning on adding some new woodland critter designs and joked around about how "Beavers will be the new owls!" (although...I don't think anything will be truly de-throning owls for awhile!)

The zombie dinosaurs make me laugh!
They've got some really cute designs. I think they should offer T-shirts in the Etsy shop though!

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